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for You and the Whole Family!
SAVE TIME - Learn Tahitian Dance in less than 30mn
FUN FOR ALL - Adults, Kids, Toddlers  &  Seniors 
ACCESS - Over 200 Videos
ACHIEVE - Easy to follow
AFFORDABLE - NO Monthly Fees.
Who is this dance-fitness program for?
  • ​Women excited to learn a beautiful dance art such as the ancestral Tahitian Dance. 
  • ​Expand their range of movement | Learn a New & Fun Type of Workout.
  • Suitable for All | All Ages | All Levels | Beginner-Friendly | No Experience Necessary 
  • ​A Safe & Low-Impact Workout
  • ​Effective Cardio Work-Out | Time-Saver | Only 10-15 mins
  • ​Advanced Choreos for Experienced Dancers
  • Women who embrace the Power of Femininity
Get the Benefits of:
  • ​An effective cardio workout from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  • ​Enjoy Training while Feeling like in a Real Class!
  • ​Learn all the Basics Steps of Tahitian Dance / "Ori Tahiti"
  • ​Learn through professional guidance with a structured and exhaustive dance program
  • ​Easy-to-follow & step-by-step explanations 
  • Work a dance & cardio training into your busy schedule 
  • ​Learn at your own pace 
  • The ability to replay lessons whenever you want 
  • ​Grow your dancing skills faster 
  • Full choreography with the names of the songs to download
  • ​Join our Online Tahiti Dance Fitness community!
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Why Our Program doesn't Exist Anywhere Else? 

1st Tahitian Dance & Fitness School & Online Program spread worldwide

1st Multi-generational Online Classes (Kids, Adults, Seniors)

Beyond Dancing, We focus on Empowerment & Growth.

Who is this Dance-Fitness 
Program for?
  • Save Time with 20mn classes at Home! 
  • ​Learn the Beautiful Art of Tahitian Dance
  • Cardio to Stay Fit & Lose Weight
  • ​​Safe & Low impact Workout 
  • ​Easy to Follow - For All Levels
  • ​Beginners Friendly
  • ​Advanced Choreos for experienced Dancers
  • ​Passionate Dancers who want to turn their Passion into their Career
Get the Benefits of: 
  • Learn Everything about Tahitian Dance from A to Z
  • ​Effective Cardio Workout from the comfort of Home.
  • ​Feel like in a Real Class!
  • ​Professional Guidance with a structured exhaustive program
  • ​Step-by-step explanations
  • ​Perfect to Fit in any Busy Schedule: NO Time Limit
  • ​Learn at your own pace, Replay lessons anytime
  • ​Full Choreography with names of songs & lyrics
  • ​Get Expert Guidance to turn your Passion into a Career
What Do They Say? 

“Finding Tahiti Dance Fitness has been a true gift. Here you will find a positive and non-competitive community of international friends, an awesome workout, and dedicated dance teachers with a level of expertise that will challenge and inspire you! Come join us!”

Jessica (USA)

"It's indeed a place with strong sisterhood among all the women from different countries. Oh yea, I'm always feeling energised after each session and looking forward to each n every class."

Kitty (Singapore)

"Truly appreciate Teacher Bea who has a big heart and who is selfless to try her very best to bond all of us from different background together. Thanks for bringing out our inner confidence, to believe in us and to always remind us to love who we are."

Eurris (Malaysia)

"Je ne peux que recommander ce cours et cette prof! Béatrice est une boule de positivité qu'elle arrive à nous faire partager pendant ses cours !
J'y passe des moments extraordinaires, de rire, de joie, tout en dansant sur de la musique tahitienne ! Au top."

Assia (France)

"I found the teaching to be incredibly competent and well-planned. 

The choreography is creative and taught in a way that is accessible for beginners but also provides enough of a challenge for more advanced dancers. And if you're reading this and trying to decide whether to join, I hope to see your face in class very soon!"

Luana (Hawaii) - Polynesian Dance Teacher

"国も文化も違うのに、心から信頼できて、お互い高め合えるメンバーがたくさんいます。みんなと踊っているだけで楽しくて、それでますます真剣になっていくうちに、個人としてできること、チームとしてできること、たくさんのチャレンジの舞台をTDFに与えてもらいました。海外生活の中で私自身がこれからどんなチャレンジができるのか、またtahiti dance fitnessがどんな風に変わっていくのか、とても楽しみです。"

Megumi (Japan)
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PS: Never Forget... How Unique You Are!

A woman whose mission to empower others and bright spark has inspired others to live better.

You will be learning  from an instructor, born in Tahiti, who knows the art of Tahitian Dance "Ori Tahiti" and who has been in Dance Fitness & Coaching for Weight Loss and Wellness for over a decade starting at the age of 24,  in 2009, working with professionals in both fitness and nutrition to enable you to get the results you want.

She is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Artist and Content Creator.

She has been featured 8 times on televised media, 7 international magazines and featured in a 10-minute documentary on mainstream French TV. She was also featured on the TEDX Singapore "Sheroes" project. 

Beatrice combines her knowledge of Fitness, Wellness & Health with her training in the sacred and ancestral dance of Tahiti, and has been coaching and teaching thousands of women from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and has enabled women to open five other schools in different locations around the world (Singapore, Japan, Korea, Norway, USA).

"Hello Beatrice!" (Sunny Side Up  related to  Ministry of Culture in Singapore)

(The Big Idea: Inspiring Entrepreneurs)

"Our Everyday Sheroes" (TEDX Singapore - Inside Out Project)

Author of upcoming book "Purpose to Paycheck: Teaching What You Love" - June  2020

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