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Polynesian Dance at Home Now!
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Who is this dance fitness program for?
  •  All Women excited to Learn a beautiful dance art such as the ancestral Tahitian Dance. 
  •  Try a new fun dance workout. 
  •  All Levels, All Ages. Beginners Friendly - No experience needed. 
  •  A Safe & Low Impact workout: suitable for all
  •  Saving Time while learning effectively in only 10-15 minutes classes at home. 
  •  Experienced Dancers Friendly: with advanced choreographies available. 
  •  A new way to move your body while embracing the power of femininity. 
Get the Benefits of:
  •  An Effective workout from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  •  Enjoy Training while Feeling like in a Real Class!
  •  Learn all the Basics Steps of Tahitian Dance "Ori Tahiti"
  •  Learn through professional Guidance Gradually with a Structured and Exhaustive dance program
  •  Step by Step explanations that are easy to follow
  •  Being able to work your training into your busy schedule 
  •  Going at your own pace 
  •  Able to replay lessons whenever you want 
  •  Grow your dancing skills faster 
  •  Get Full Choreographies with the name of songs to download
  •  Join our Tahiti Dance Fitness Online community!
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Meet Your Instructor: 
Beatrice Caisson

You're not being taught by any random lady online. 

You will be learning and getting results from an instructor, born in Tahiti, who knows the art of Tahitian Dance "Ori Tahiti" and who has been in Dance Fitness & Coaching for Weight Loss and Wellness for over a decade, working with professionals in fitness and nutrition and who has been teaching since the age of 24!

A woman who has empowered thousands of other women and has been featured 8 times on TV and in 7 worldwide magazines and a 10 minutes documentary on French TV and on TEDX Singapore Brochure "Sheroes" project. 

The same woman who developed the very first Tahitian Dance Fitness program combining Fitness, Wellness & Health with the Ancestral dance art from Tahiti, who has been coaching and teaching thousands of women of different backgrounds and who has opened five other schools around the world (Japan, Korea, Norway, Australia, USA).

Check Her Out: 
"The Fabulous Destiny of Beatrice Caisson"
(France O TV)

"Ori Tahiti: a Tradition that travels"

"Changing the World One Dance Step at a Time" 
(The Big Idea: Inspiring Entrepreneurs)

"Our Everyday Sheroes" 
(TEDX Singapore - Inside Out Project)

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