Have You Ever Wished to...
Have Fun with your Kids, Family & Friends,
Connect with an Uplifting Community, 
Getting FREE gifts,
While Making An Impact On The Planet & On Many People’s Lives?
Now You Can!
On the 12th of October 2019, We will be organizing a Fund Raising Event "The Wellness Sanctuary" @ Scape, Orchard
In Partnership With The Singapore Red Cross. 
All proceeds from ticket sales will go to contributing
the Singapore Red Cross's humanitarian efforts in Singapore 
while raising awareness for Clean, Green & Healthy living... 

$18 for Kids from 7 to 12!
The Wellness Sanctuary is for you if you are:
✅ Looking for a Affordable Weekend Activity to do with the Kids & Family

✅ Looking to Meet People and Make new Friends who are into wellness. 

✅ Looking for some self-time to Resource and Recover from work/ life. 

✅ Looking to get FREE Gifts and over $500 worth vouchers. 

✅ Looking to try out New activities, food and products all in one event. 

Health Conscious or you are looking to improve your overall well-being.

✅ Looking to Contribute and give back to the community.

✅ Looking to connect with an Uplifting circle of people. 

✅ Couples and friends who have ran out of places to go for dates/ gatherings during the weekend.

✅ Or any combination of the above :) 
$18 for Kids from 7 to 12!
Meet The Organizer..
When growing up, Beatrice has always looked up to her mother especially so when her single mother raised her and her siblings after their father passed away when they were very young. 

Her mother worked everyday tirelessly without taking a day off. However she still found time to volunteer and help people who are in need.
"She imparted this sense of gratitude in me that no matter where we are in life, how busy and/or successful, we have to give back and contribute to the society."
In 2009, She Founded "Tahiti Dance & Fitness" First Of It's Kind Tahitian Dance Studio in Singapore. Along her journey as a female entrepreneur, she has met many obstacles & challenges along the way to survive and make a living from her passion. 

Her defining moment was after a betrayal of a close friend of hers working in her studio as an instructor whom poached more than 90% of her students away. 
She managed to reverse her situation by creating the First ever Tahitian Dance Fitness Programme "Tahiti Dance Fitness" which combines traditional Tahitian dance movement with all the elements of a cardio fitness workout. She went from 5 students to 45 in 2 months. 

Fast Forward till Today, she has taught over thousands of ladies and opened several dance communities around the world with her own online program with the main goal to pass on the “Aloha spirit” to her students 
– a philosophy based on kindness, understanding and caring for one another. 

Keeping the "Aloha spirit" in mind, she has been organizing annual wellness camp in Thailand and also several local events yearly that contributes to charities and humanitarian projects since year 2009.
Our Partners
The Line Up Of Activities 
$18 for Kids from 7 to 12!
Getting There
If you purchase a ticket RIGHT NOW.. 

We're going to also throw in these bonuses:
Bonus #1! "Discount Code & Free Offers From Participating Partners" 
(WORTH AT LEAST $500, Included FREE)
so that you are able to maximize your time at the event by being able to savour all the delicious delights by our F&B partners without breaking the bank. On top of that, we have health & fitness partners who are going to have special offers rolled out for you on the day itself. You definitely don't want to miss it.
Bonus #2! "7 Day Unlimited Class Pass To The Highly Coveted Cardio Dance Fitness Programme By Tahiti Dance Fitness" 
(Worth $197, Included FREE)
Tahiti Dance Fitness is the Pioneer Tahitian Dance Studio in Singapore. The programme ' Tahiti Dance Fitness ' is a one of a kind dance + cardio fitness programme that will definitely BLAST away all that excess fats away. You have to try it for yourself!
Bonus #3! "Mysterious Lucky Draw With Prizes Worth $100-$200"
(Easily Worth $400)
you will also be given a chance to take part in this mysterious lucky draw with prizes well worth over $400! 
Total Value For You To Turn Up To This Event : Easily Over $500!!
 As I said if you were to come back another time, these BONUSES will not be available anymore and if you ended up still attending the event, you might need to spend much more to have the same experience.
BUT...you're going to have a private deal 
(which is amazing considering how much are all these worth!)
Up until this point, the only way to get all this bonuses is to pay $500 or MAYBE more considering this is a non-profit event.
We're going to offer you the ENTIRE deal, easily worth
the $500, for just the price of 
ONE ticket starting at $19 (kids) or $35 (adults)!!!!
Wow, right??!!

Take a second to really think about this…
How much does this actually cost you?
5 hours of Fun Activites & Time with your Family and Friends 
All in a single saturday in your life?
Did you know that an average person who lived up to the age of 75 has 7500 saturdays in their lifetime?
$35 dollars, The price of a single adult ticket?
Based on statistics, did you know that an average Singaporean salary per hour is $45?
If ALL this did was... to help John parents to provide and care for him.
Would it be worth the $18 or $35?
Photo Courtesy Of The Singapore Red Cross.

If All this did was... to support the elderly who lives alone to ensure that his basic needs are met..
Would it be well worth the one saturday of your life?
Photo Courtesy Of The Singapore Red Cross.
And this is just scratching the surface!
There are still many others who needs our help and support..
For $18 or $35, you will be contributing to help make these people's lives better.
$18 for Kids from 7 to 12!
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